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Keeping good company

Where commercial
meets creative.

We love food, we know FMCG and we love helping epic brands grow. 


ANTE was born in 2022 kind of accidentally. Tom was going out on his own and needed a website, Jess could make a website, and then thought, why don't we join forces? Tom might tell the story differently but hey, he doesn't write the copy (unless it's in bullet point form) around here. 

We're two full time foodies and seriously passionate, results driven marketers and creative sales guns. We love working with brands and founders with a vision to help them hit goals, whether that's on a one-off project or a more permanent basis.

We have 16 years combined experience working in sales, marketing and research across global FMCG brands and international markets, and our joint experience gives us the ability to seamlessly flick between commercial and creative perspectives. It also gives us the objectivity and differing points of view to be able to make robust decisions that deliver strong business outcomes.

Whether it's a one off assist getting difficult conversations with your category manager across the line, or you're looking for someone to manage all of your retail relationships all the time, or you're looking for someone to develop your brand direction and strategy, or manage all of your marketing execution across ANZ (try saying all of that in one breath!) - we can help and we'd love to chat. 

Red lobster
Red lobster
Tom Fisiihoi (Head of Sales )
Jess Bird (Head of Strategy)
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