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Brand building


The FMCG landscape is one of the most competitive and notoriously difficult to stand out in, but also one where it’s arguably the most important.


And for anyone who’s dubious about the role that brand plays in FMCG - it’s been proven that brands playing in the consumer goods space with a solid brand strategy, experience growth and increased revenue by around 25% vs. companies who don’t bother with branding (McKinsey, helping marketers make their case since ages ago!).


But building a brand doesn’t happen by accident, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. So how do you build a brand that will actually help you win in the supermarket landscape?



01. Have a plan


Sit down and work out how your product is different to everything else that’s already on shelf. Why is a shopper going to pick your brand over your competitors? Who is your target audience? What does your brand stand for? How should you be communicating with your consumers, both visually and verbally? What channels should you be using to talk to them?



02. Be consistent


Memorable brands show up the same way across every channel. Whether it’s on the supermarket shelf, social media, or out of home, your brand should look, feel and act the same way every time a consumer comes across it. Have a clear set of brand guidelines and make sure all of your activity is aligned.



03. Measure everything & be agile


What’s working? What isn’t? Be prepared that something that worked yesterday, might not work today, and sometimes you have to pivot quickly. If your product isn’t providing what your consumer is looking for, or your messaging isn’t communicating what you need it to, don’t be afraid to make changes. Because consumers won’t be afraid to switch to brands that are!


Brand building is important in any industry, but with the supermarket landscape being so hyper-competitive, you can’t afford to skimp on brand building if you want to drive results.

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